In the old days, dairymaids were famous for having incredibly soft hands. That's because milk contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which are proven to do wonderful things for the skin. It also contains tons of protein, nourishing oils, and lovely vitamins like A and D.

I'm going to give you two goats milk lotion recipes: one dead simple one that you can knock up in a trice, and one slightly more complicated one which will create something more 'professional'.

Simple goats milk lotion recipe

You need:

  • 1 cup goats milk (fresh is best, but canned is fine if you can't get fresh)
  • 2 tbsp good quality vegetable oil (olive oil is fine, or you can use a nut, seed or flower oil)
  • Optional: 1/8 tsp white vinegar

Mix the goats milk and the oil together really well. If you plan to use it right away, that's all you need, but if you want to keep it a little while, add a tiny bit of vinegar – 1/8 tsp – as a preservative.

This isn't a recipe I'd recommend making for sale, or keeping for long, but it is something you can whip up quickly and easily for your own use.

Fancier goat's milk recipe

This is a more 'professional' recipe for goats milk, and will produce something you could give as a gift, or even sell. If you plan to do that, you will need to add a preservative, as oils destabilize quickly without one. If you don't use a preservative, keep your lotion in the fridge, and make sure you use it within two weeks.

You will need:

  • 1 cup of goats milk
  • 1 1/2 tbsp beeswax (this acts as an emusifier and keeps the oils and water blended together. You can get it in small balls/pellets/pearls, which makes it easy to measure out)
  • ½ cup of vegetable oils. These can be nut oils, seed oils, olive oil, palm oil, etc etc. Sweet almond oil is a favourite. And of course you can use more than one oil – a few tbsp of one, a few of another.
  • A few drops (5-10) of essential oil – whichever you like. Lavender is always a popular option. Calendula is a good one for lotions, too.

If you like, you can also add things like vitamins – a few drops of vitamin E are a great addition to lotions, as it not only softens the skin, but acts as a preservative.

First melt the beeswax and the oil together in a saucepan. Next add in the essential oil, and stir well. Now add the goats milk, slowly, stirring well as you go. Keep stirring till it thickens and gets and creamy. Pour it into a sealable container, and keep it in the fridge.

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