How to make bath melts and tub truffles

Make bath melts

Bath melts, also called tub truffles, are little balls of body butter and fragrant oil which melt in your bath, filling your tub with wonderful smells, and softening and nourishing your skin.

They make a fun craft project and a great and unusual gift – everyone's used bath salts or bath bombs, but bath melts are still new to most of us! And they leave your skin wonderfully soft and smooth.

Bath melt ingredients

Here are the ingredients you need to make your bath melts:

  • 1 cup of a butter of your choice. Cocoa butter is a good default option, and it smells great. Shea butter is another good choice. You can even use beeswax. The point is that it should be some kind of nourishing oil which is solid at room temperature.
  • 1/2 cup of an oil of your choice. Sweet almond oil is a good default option, but any liquid vegetable oil will do.
  • Essential oil. How much you want to use will depend on how strong you like your fragrance, but somewhere between 20 and 60 drops is probably good. Vanilla is always popular, as is lavender, but my favorite for tub truffles is cocoa absolut (or skin-safe chocolate fragrance oil if you can't get cocoa absolut).

You can also add coloring if you choose – make sure it's skin safe (soap colorant is good), and add just a few drops at a time, as a little goes a long way!

You will also need the following equipment:

  • Measuring cups or spoons
  • Glass measuring jug for mixing – preferably microwave safe
  • A spoon or stick for stirring
  • Molds. Ice cube molds are about the right size if you want one melt per bath tub. Flexible molds are a good option, as it can be hard to get tub truffles out of solid molds.

How to make your bath melts

Put the cocoa butter in your glass measuring jug. If you have a microwave-safe jug, you can do this in the microwave. You want to heat it till it's melted, and this will happen quickly, so check every 5-10 seconds to see if it's ready yet. If your jug isn't microwave safe, you can heat it on the stove by placing the jug in a pan of water as you would to melt chocolate. It takes longer this way, but it still works fine.

Next add in your almond oil and essential oils, and stir it all really well.

Now pour the mixture carefully into your molds. This can be fiddly and messy, so be careful! If you place the mold on a baking sheet beforehand, it'll make it easier to move them without spilling them. When they're full, put them in the fridge to cool for at least an hour.

Remove them carefully from the molds. They are made of oil, so try not to handle them too long or they'll melt all over your hands!

A nice finishing touch is to wrap them in colored metal foil. This also makes them easier to handle!

And that's it!

Easy, eh? You can really go to town experimenting with this basic recipe – you can try all different kinds of oils and butters, and different mixtures of them too. You can also use skin-safe fragrance oils if you prefer them to essential oils.

If you find it a bit fiddly to get the melts out of the mold, then another option is to use tiny cupcake papers for molds instead – then you can just keep them in the papers till you want to use them.

You can decorate your bath melts in all kinds of ways: add little bits of herb or petal or even glitter to your mixture, or pop a tiny dried rosebud on top of each one.

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